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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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I picked her up and carried her upstairs and deposited her on the bed. I asked her if she was good for more and she gave me that "you have to ask?

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Her face was beet red from upside down for so long (and just having a great O). In the end I put it down, and ran her hands over her body. , Picture of cam live gay .

We sat there for 5 minutes, a good recovery, and enjoying each other's taste. gay fetish movies  image of gay fetish movies My orgasm pushed her over the edge, and she was twitching and panting with her own orgasm.


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It is really going to get it. I go bigger, stronger and better the second time. This was the second round for me ... I fucked her ass before, but it is usually an afterthought in the regular sex.

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Then gagged her with a satin tie. I turned my head and fuck her in the face for some time to get good and hard. gay chode porn .

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I quickened my pace, fucking her fast and deep. And soon I felt her ass was completely relaxed. Every time she gave a muffled cry of pleasure.

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I made sure that every time my cock went all the way to the top, Picture of free sex video big cocks and then slammed back to base difficult.

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I then returned to the scene, and slaps a couple of firms resumed ass fucking.

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I wanted to hear her cum. I untied one of her hands and put the vibrator in her hand told her that in the second round.

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She gasped and shook, but still not able to move much.

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How to get your cock bigger: I met this really gorgeous blonde in one of our conventions of the company. I think I'm just really weird luck!

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It is once again a true story that happened this past Saturday night for a night. She wrote to me this morning that her ass was a pain, but it was a good pain, lol.

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Picture of gay sex men with men It was an amazing night ... After we got back to bed, we went back to 69, and both had another orgasm.

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